DVD On Horseback 3 med Eyjólfur Isólfsson

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Tredje filmen i utbildningsserien On Horseback producerad av master trainer Eyjolfur Isolfsson.

Communication between Man and Horse:
In this third film in the series, Eyjólfur continues to instruct us about training the Icelandic Horse and highlighting the qualities of good horsemanship. Paramount in all of this is the welfare of the horse.

The film is comprised of seven chapters that in a clear and structured way show how best to develop communication between man and horse:

1. Passenger exercises.
2. Backing up.
3. Body language and seat control.
4. The rider.
5. Canter.
6. The oval track.
7. New competition.

Längd: 90 min
DVD:n kommer på två språk (subtitles): Icelandic and English.