TOP REITER Beanie Gullfoss, chaos black

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Chaos black, One size
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TOP REITER beanie "GULLFOSS" is super soft and comfortable to wear. Perfect for when you take care of your horses and for everyday activities, even if the weather is a bit chilly or you are having a bad day in general ;) The Polylana® material is an alternative to wool and acrylic and offers high functionality and less environmental impact. Gullfoss is a very beautiful waterfall in the Hvitá River in southwest Iceland. The total height is 32 m. There are two waterfalls, the longest of which is 21 meters high Gullfoss takes its name from the golden hue that often shines in its glacial waters. Another assumption is that the name was inspired by the rainbow that is often seen when the sun hits the splashes of water that are whirled up by the waterfall.

All details at a glance:

- Warm and stylish - Very comfortable - Made of 60% Polylana® and 40% acrylic - Folded style cap (can be worn long or folded, logo is in both directions) - One layer is specially knitted for better comfort - Soft and stretchy knitted - TR-Ring logo made of rubber on imitation suede - One-Size - Color: Lightgrey

Washing instructions: Only wash by hand | do not use chlorine, bleach or dry-cleaning | do not tumble dry | do not iron