NYHET! HRÍMNIR Titanium bit Fjóla, double-jointed, loose ring, 12 mm

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NYHET! Hrímnir TITANIUM bit Fjóla, double-jointed, loose ring, 12 mm
(Text kopierad från Hrímnir - översättning kommer inom kort)
  • Extraordinary light (Titanium) and comfortable for the horse
  • Anatomically shaped
  • Well situated in the horse’s mouth
  • Even pressure distribution
  • Short link that fits well over the tongue
  • Longer sidebars for more steadiness
  • Round copper roller in centerpiece
  • Sweet taste material for increased salivation
  • L stamp for correct attachment
  • High quality workmanship and unique ornamentation
  • EUIPO registered design

The new Hrímnir Titanum bit is super light and extra comfortable for your horse and can help to improve your rein connection. The bit is shaped anatomically and therefore well situated in the horse's mouth. Its shape distributes the pressure evenly which can make it a good choice for horses who are easily disturbed by the bit. The Hrímnir Titanium bit features a short link that fits well over the tongue and the comparatively long sidebars make it less likely that they get pulled out of the corners of the mouth during riding. The roller in the centerpiece is made of copper and due to his round shape especially soft for the horse. The sweet taste material stimulates salivation to encourage a softer and more responsive connection. The L stamp on the bit ring ensures you always know how to attach the bit correctly to the headstall, just make sure it is on the lower left side!